More than Light


Lighting control can enhance your home’s atmosphere and value. Add security and peace of mind while contributing to savings on your energy bill. With the use of lighting controls you can create different moods and control multiple lights from the single push of a button.

Lighting control can be enhanced by sensors, schedules or even events. The solution is capable of creating multiple lighting scenes in an easy manner such that it allows for the control of numerous circuits with the touch of a button via one of the many user interfaces available (touchscreens, remote controls, smartphone, tablets etc.).

What can I do with Lighting Control ?

From simply switching your lights, to the most complex lighting scenes, everything is possible and easy.

Smart Home Lighting Control with Control4 & KNX, Greece | Cyprus

Control any load type

You can control all traditional types i.e. resistive, capacitive and inductive loads (incadescent bulbs, fluorescent & CFL lamps, halogen bulbs & spots), either AC or DC.

Smart Home Lighting Control with Control4 & KNX, Greece | Cyprus

Colorize with LED

Make full use of all the amazing LED technology possibilities, from dimmable single colour and RGB(W) LED strips to panels, tubes, bulbs and spots, AC or DC powered.

Smart Home Lighting Control with Control4 & KNX, Greece | Cyprus

Dim for ambience

If it can be dimmed, we can dim it. From traditionally wired halogen & fluorescent to single colour and RGB LED strips and bulbs, or wireless systems like Philips HUE & LIFX series.

Smart Home (Έξυπνο Σπίτι & Έξυπνος Φωτισμός) with KNX, Control4, Ελλάδα, Κύπρος, Cyprus

Amazing scenes

Combine predefined actions into custom scenes, like on/off events, dim levels & RGB colours with several lights. Activate or dim a Welcome, Party or Goodnight scene with a single tap or automatically.

Smart Home Lighting Control with Control4 & KNX, Greece | Cyprus

Your life on schedule

Time schedules will automatically switch or dim a light, or execute a lighting scene. Create schedules that’ll ease your life and make your home or workplace a safer place for your family or colleagues.

Smart Home Lighting Control with Control4 & KNX, Greece | Cyprus

Building intelligence

Take it a step further and combine lighting control with event triggers, like motion, occupancy, lighting, contact, pressure and security sensors. Switch on lights upon presense or switch them off to save energy.


In our solutions we incorporate all major 3rd party manufacturers, protocols, standards and IoT technologies, to offer a wide variety of integration options and respond to your special needs and requirements.

Is It Easy To Install And Use It ?

Easy Installation

Whether building a new home or looking for a seamless retrofit in a classic residence or office, our solutions can reuse standard electrical wiring to minimize new cabling requirements.

Robust & Reliable

We work with the most reliable manufacturers and components, proven for their robustness and efficiency, even under the most adverse conditions (humidity, heat, short circuits, over-voltage).

Elegant Interfaces

Our portfolio offers a wide variety of modern & elegant wall-mounted user interfaces, switches, push-buttons, touch panels and modular keypads with customizable LED indicators.

Energy Savings

Combine the easiness of lighting control from anywhere with the efficiency of smart lighting scenes, to get significant & measurable energy savings and reduced utility bills.

How do I combine it with the other solutions ?

Lighting Control from anywhere

  • Use your smart remote control, mobile phone or tablet to switch & dim lights
  • Start your favorite movie and smart lighting control will automatically dim to a create a relaxing ambience
  • You’re not sure if all lights are off before leaving? Just press the ‘goodbye’ button before exiting and your smart home will do it for you.

Combine shading and lighting control

  • Turn on your garage lights automatically when the garage door opens and switch them off after a certain time
  • Going to bed? After closing all the shutters with a single touch of a button, your veranda lights will switch off as well or switch on till daylight
  • Create a relaxing lighting ambience at every chance you get, when you turn on your fireplace, enjoying a nice bath in your jaccuzi, walking around the garden, talking a swim in your pool, even sitting in your couch.

Lighting reactions upon hazards

  • Turn on the entrance light when you unlock or open the door
  • Automatically turn on the stairs or corridor light when close to the hallway using motion sensors
  • The system will simulate your presence by switching on and off lights while you’re away
  • Lights will turn on and off automatically during sunset and sunrise
  • Activate a personalized lighting scene depending on who’s disarming the alarm system
  • If a smoke detector senses there’s fire, lights will automatically switch on to offer you a safe exit pathway
  • If the alarm system is triggered, lights will switch on automatically all over the property

Boost your entertainment experience

  • Start playing your favorite music and the room LED lights will slowly dim between different colours
  • Sit on your couch to watch TV or a movie and a pressure sensor will automatically adjust the light levels for you
  • Create awesome lighting effects that ‘listen’ and adjust to the music you’re playing

Use voice commands to create ambience

  • Create your own lighting scenes and activate them during a cosy dinner, a party with friends or a relaxing evening
  • Enjoy a nice book in your sofa chair and the headlight will automatically switch on once you sit in
  • Use Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Talk to control any light or activate a lighting scene

Dim and save on energy

  • Keep a track of your energy consumption in real time when lights are on
  • Trace back your previous consumption and costs over the past days, weeks or months
  • Dim your LED lights to a warmer colour when the heating is on, or a cooler one when cooling is enabled
  • Automatically dim or switch off lights when you’re not present or not moving around with smart motion sensors

Integrate more & customize

  • Create your own customized lighting scenes
  • Do you fancy a new IoT lighting gadget or appliance? We can most probably integrate it with your smart home solution
  • Create new IFTTT applets (If-This-Then-That) with our advanced driver and make your smart home react to any activities on your social networking accounts, weather conditions, phone or car location and much more.